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This is where any patient with coccydynia begins. The Coccyx Clinic uses tried and tested methods of assessment including investigations like standing and sitting x-rays and the best quality MRI to confirm the diagnosis and exclude other causes of coccyx pain like a benign neuroma.

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Treatments for Coccydynia pain are conservative and surgical. These depend on the diagnosis, prognosis and the stage of disease. Our experts will advise patients immediately following full assessment what the options are, the risks and benefits and the prognosis.

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To back up each treatment accepted by our patients our specialists offer them advice sheets on how to get the best from the treatment and manage their recovery. 

Click here for Coccydynia Advice Sheets, a useful shop with supports and free stuff and Rehabilitation Q&A that our Consultant Specialists hand out to their patients.

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Click on this link to unlock our reasonable self pay radiology price structure.

The schedule of fees will open in another window as a .pdf file you can keep to check agianst clinic prices. Chelsea Outpatient Centre Pathology Request 2019.

We comply with the CMA standards for Private Practice 2014.

2023 Surgical Fees

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The Coccyx Clinic


The specialists at The Coccyx Clinic have now all had four doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The clinic is running safely. Please be patient with the staff as we are continuing to refurbish the clinic in 2023 to adapt to increasing demand. Please still wear a mask and use the plentiful alcohol hand rub available.

COVID19 Safety

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Mr John Hardy
John is the surgeon member of the team. He will help you with the management of your coccydynia.
Email : Lydia Randall
Phone : Call us +44 117 3171793
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Dr Anwar Hussain
Anwar is the anaesthetist member of the team. He is the doctor that will safely administer anaesthetic for any of the surgical procedures offered.
Email : Lydia Randall Phone : Call us +44 117 3171793
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Dr Robert Pearce
Rob is the radiologist member of the team. He will interpret the investigations performed in the clinic's newest MRI scanner and the x-ray department.
Email : Lydia Randall Phone : Call us +44 117 3171793
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Dr Benjamin Thomas
Ben is a pain clinic specialist member of the team. He will help you with the treatment of your coccydynia should John refer you on to him.
Email : Lydia Randall Phone : Call us +44 117 3171793

Patient Information


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About Us

John Hardy has been looking after patients with a well established diagnosis of coccydynia since training in Leicester with Chris Wray and Jim Hoskinson in 1989. While writing up his own thesis on "Tibial Diaphyseal Fracture Healing" he worked on the prospective randomised study for the management of "diagnosis & treatment" of coccydynia that Chris Wray had designed.

Since then he has continued to manage patients effectively according to the principles learned with Jim in 1989. Realising he was assessing and treating more and more patients with coccydynia John began to audit his patients in 2004 and now in 2023 has the largest database of single surgeon treated patients in the world. John has put together a team of doctors that all work in one convienient clinic with new first class facilities and regular MDT meetings to decide on the best for his patients.

The clinic has been busy in 2023 since the opening up of the UK economy and the world leading program to vaccinate millions thanks to the NHS. Please let the staff in the clinic help you towards having a safe visit to the clinic. They are well trained to help you to stay as safe as possible.

Latest News


The Chelsea Outpatient Center installed a brand new Siemens MRI which began scanning on 27th July 2020. The images are better than the UK standard. John Hardy and Robert Pearce have developed a unique MRI protocol that helps in safe decision making after diagnosis has been confirmed.
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Chronic Primary Pain (CPP)

Chronic primary pain highlighted by NICE today is a specific condition that patients with an established Coccydynia diagnosis should understand they have NOT got. Properly assessed Coccydynia patients are not the subject of this warning from NICE. Please ask at your appointment for more details. 4th August 2020.
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Covid Clean Clinic

Clelsea Outpatient Centre reopened to Private Patients on 27th June 2020 with changes in place to ensure your visit is as safe as possible. We no longer have a one person per appointment policy in place and welcome partners or friends to support patients.
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Contact Us

The Coccyx Clinic
Chelsea Outpatient Centre,
280 Kings Road,
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Ms Lydia Randall
Personal Assistant

Email : Lydia Randall

Phone : Call me +44 117 3171793